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Capoeira Rio Janeiro

Join the skills of the Capoeira practised in Rio.

Capoeira - Rio de Janeiro
Capoeira - Rio de Janeiro
Capoeira - Rio de Janeiro
Capoeira - Rio de Janeiro

Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian art that takes and mixes martial arts, music and dance elements. It was created by the Angolian slaves in the region of Quilombo dos Palmares –state of Alagoas- during the 16th century, but it was not until the 20th century that this practice finally became a regulated sport. Moreover, in the 18th century, Capoeira was a good excuse for trapping slaves. In fact, by that time about 10 percent of the prisoners in brazilian jails were arrested for practicing Capoeira. Later, when abolition of slaves occured in 1888, the people that until that moment were slaves brought Capoeira to Rio de Janeiro and Bahia.

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To practice Capoeira in Rio, participants form a circle and take turns while the others involved play musical instruments. While some people sing, other pairs simulate a clash in the center of the circle with fluid acrobatic plays using sweeps, kicks, as well as head-butts, elbow strikes, slaps and punches. It is debated the origins and aim of such practice, and positions among historians are divided: some support the idea that Capoeira consists “merely” of  a uniquely Brazilian folk dance with improvised fighting movements, while others claim that it is definitely a battle-ready fighting form that descends from ancient African techniques. Today, Capoeira is a must seeing attraction for those doing tourism in Rio.

In 1932, Manuel dos Ries Machado founded the first Capoeira school named Academia-escola de Capoeira Regional. Located in Salvador -Bahia-, this school was the first intention of taking Capoeira from the slums to the entire brazilian territory. Later, in 1942, Reis Machado opened the second school -at the Terreiro de Jesus- which is still open. Reis Machado is also considered the father of “regional capoeira”, a modern capoeira style, which consists of faster movements and clearer martial arts than the traditional one.

Another prominent capoeira master is “Mestre Pastinha” who around the 1941 founded the Centro Esportivo de Capoeira Angola, a sportive center of Angolan Capoeira, characterised by the preservation of the old traditional style. He also worked almost his entire life to codify this style, converting him into an important Capoeira referent.

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