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Nightlife Rio Janeiro

Join the parties and events that take place at every thrilling night of Rio.

Nightlife - Rio de Janeiro
Nightlife - Rio de Janeiro
Nightlife - Rio de Janeiro
Nightlife - Rio de Janeiro

Rio’s nightlife is exhilarating because there are varied places to go and different things to do. Every night of the week there are attractive events and interesting activities, which are perfect excuses for going out. People from all ages and all tastes will surely enjoy the nightlife of this amazing city.

The theater spectacles are quite interesting in Rio. Fabulous events take place in the most renowned theaters,  where local and international music shows or ballet performances are the most recommended. The nightlife in Rio also offers hundreds of more intimate events and performances, which take place in the smaller theaters of the city. Make sure you check the calendar before planning your trip to Rio.

Cariocas gather at Rio's bars and coffee shops where they hung out before going to a nightclub. Most of the bars have a modern infrastructure and an exceptional decoration, while others just keep a traditional style. The samba halls are clubs that play samba music all night long. These venues are the ideal place to learn to dance samba and to watch the fast movements of the local dancers.

The most popular area for clubbing in Rio is the southern region of Copacabana and Ipanema.

Rio’s nightlife offers hundreds of options for clubbing, from exclusive and fashion clubs to underground clubs and private electronic parties. Trance, house and techno music are the favorite among the youngest. Some huge electronic festivals last for days and take place in the surroundings of the city, where the best djs of the world come every year to play their last music sets. 

Rio also is a favorite destination for gays, lesbians, bi's, and trans-people. The Rio Gay Guide will provide tourists the right information about the best bars, nightclubs and parties in Rio. This guide also includes varied information such as gay beaches and special events.

The most common drink among the cariocas is called "caipirinha", a drink made of cachaça (a Brazilian liquor made of sugarcane juice), lime, sugar and ice cubes. This drink is really freshly and ideal for hot nights. Most of young people start drinking alcohol early in the night and keep drinking until dawn. Cariocas have a high tolerance to alcohol and trying to keep their rhythm is a bad idea for someone who is not used to drink a lot.

Some recommendations for going out in Rio are:

Bars in Rio

•    Emporio
•    Baronetti
•    Melt
•    Academia da Cachaca
•    Bar d'Hotel

Samba Halls in Rio

•    Casa de Matriz
•    Carioca da Gema
•    Casa Rosa
•    Clube dos Democráticos
•    Río Scenarium

Clubs in Rio

•    Melt
•    Bombar
•    Clandestino
•    Fosfobox
•    Dama de Ferro

Gay Clubs in Rio

•    Le Boy (for men)
•    La Girl (for lesbians)
•    Bunker

For more information about the nightlife in Rio de Janeiro, contact us and we will gladly send you further material about any subject of your interest. We will e-mail this information at no cost within 72 hours and it will be specific to your requirements.

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