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A trip to Rio de Janeiro

A Cidade Maravillosa, the Portuguese translation to “The Marvellous City”, is the nickname of Brazil’s top tourist destination and icon of the country. With over 10 beaches of Oceanic coasts, a mild weather all the year round, and the perfect mix of a cosmopolitan hub for business and relaxation, Rio is an impressive tourist destination that presents all the conditions for a wonderful experience. Check this link for tours in Rio de Janiero.
One of the largest countries in the world, Brazil is like a continent. Therefore, transportation within the country can get tough if you don’t plan in advance. One of the best alternatives for tourists are the domestic flights, where you can plan a journey to Brazil and include visits to all its major tourists spots like Amazons, Northern Brazil with Natal, Bahia and Maceio, Rio, and even Sao Paulo. 
If you are visiting Rio for first time and you have at least a weekend in the city, here are our recommendations of some not-to-miss places and activities for your trip to Rio:
Corcovado Mountain: The place that hosts the iconic Christ Redeem, with open arms of a Saint city waiting for you to have a look.
Rodrigo de Freitas Lake: a massive lagoon in the middle of the mountains and bordering the beach, definitely an enjoyable area for footing and outdoors activities such as biking, running, skating and so on.
The Sugar Loaf Mountain: a very high peak with a tramway that will delight you with spectacular views of the most sublime landscapes in Brazil. A sunset in this mountains will provide you unforgettable memories.
Botanical garden: for those nature lovers, this botanical garden in Rio has over 6.000 species of tropical plants and trees.
Maracana Stadium: the popular Brazilian giant o cement which has capacity for 250.000 people, and was constructed for the world cup of Brazil 1950. It will be the scenario for the final of Brazil 2014 world cup.
Beaches: among its fantastic and fashionable beaches, some of them outstand for their beauty such as Grumari, Arpoador, Leme and Barra da Tijuca. The most popular beaches are Ipanema, Copacabana and Leblon, impossible to be missed. Try caipirinha at the beach, the traditional Brazilian drink the will refresh your sunny holidays.
In addition, Rio de Janiero has plenty of cultural activities, museums, galleries and historical landmarks. It depends on your tastes and how much time you will have to check all of the attractions in this city. 
And last but not least, bear in mind that Rio de Janiero’s carnival is one of the biggest parties on Erath. The carnival in Rio is a tremendous festival with drums, parades and lot of cultural dances that can contribute to make your trip even more unique. Usually takes place during February, and lasts for a couple of week. Check our website for further information on Carnival in Rio.
Have a nice trip!

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