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Exploring the Best of Rio with Rdj4u


Replete with verdant rainforest covered mountains, the turquoise tinted waters of the Atlantic Ocean, and a coastline of golden-white beaches, Rio de Janeiro is one of the most spectacular travel destinations in the world. Combining this stunning natural beauty with captivating museums aplenty and an array of exceptional gastronomic temples, the self-styled Marvellous City serves a vacation like no other. But, with so much to see and do, you may leave many attractions undiscovered. The best way to make sure you fully explore Rio’s bountiful cultural wonders is to book day excursions with local tour agency, Rdj4u; trusted travel experts offering remarkable experiences that will be sure to live forever in the memory.


The greatest advantages of making your reservations with Rdj4u are the personalised assistance you receive – right from first contact – and the first-hand knowledge and unrivalled passion of their guides, who will help you to discover the true essence of Rio de Janeiro’s rich culture. If you’re a first-time visitor, a flexible Private Tour is a good place to start. Journey to the summit of Sugar Loaf Mountain at sunset to watch the city come to life under darkness; gaze at one of the Seven Modern Wonders of the World with a Tour to Corcovado; and stroll around the fascinating historical landmarks of downtown Rio – these exclusive tours can take you beyond the classic sightseeing hotspots.


If these adventures are designed to uncover the city’s natural and architectural gems, then Rdj4u’s gastronomic tours will elevate your travel experience to something new and unique. Over the centuries, the culinary traditions of Portuguese colonisers, African slaves, Italian immigrants, and Indigenous communities have come together in Brazil to create a food culture filled with sumptuous aromas and exquisite flavours. Indeed, while the fine restaurants and flashy bars are great spaces in which to drink in the Carioca atmosphere, the real authentic treats can be more difficult to find – and that’s where Rdj4u’s insider expertise comes in. Visit a local open-air market and sample the heavenly delights of exotic Amazonian fruits, enjoy the typical Brazilian dish of feijoada and some toothsome desserts from the Minas Gerais region, or learn all about the history and cultivation of local cocoa beans on a mouth-watering chocolate tasting tour. The food here is at once distinctive, vibrant, and delicious. These tosare, quite simply, perfect for any epicurious travellers.


Aside from the iconic sites and fabulous cuisine, Rio de Janeiro is also home to some astonishing hiking trails. Packing a pair of sturdy walking boots may not be a priority for most when planning your trip here, but if you don’t, you miss out on the chance to soak in many of the world’s best urban vistas. In Tijuca Forest, Rio has been graced with accessible mountainous jungle terrain that makes for serene rambling. The tranquil hike to the peak of Pedra Da Gavea, one which hugs the Rio shoreline, is particularly breathtaking – this full-day tour, which includes a 3-hour ascent through the Mata Atlantica and a short 50 foot rock-climb, represents one of the most exhilarating activities in Rio. To escape the city completely, and for something a little more relaxing but no less intrepid, the Rdj4u hiking tour across the idyllic tropical island of Ilha Grande is also something for your bucket list.


Seductive. Enchanting. Somewhat magical. Rio de Janeiro has something for everyone. Whatever type of traveller you are, you can be sure that in the hands of Rdj4u, a trip to Rio is so much more than a city break.

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